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Frerin, was the second son of Thráin II, son of Thrór, King Under the Mountain.

He was the younger brother of the future King Thorin Oakenshield and the older brother of Dis. Born in Third Age 2751, he lived in the Lonely Mountain during a time of wealth and prosperity under his grandfather’s rule. When he was just 19 the dragon Smaug pillaged Erebor.

While in exile King Thrór wished to re-enter his ancestral home of Moria, where he was beheaded by the Orc Chieftain Azog, and The War of the Dwarves and Orcs began. The War lead to the climactic Battle of Azanulbizar, where Frerin fought along with his father Thráin and kinsman Fundin (father to Balin and Dwalin). It was there that they were drove back by Orcs beneath the East-Gate of Khazad-Dûm into the wood near the Mirrormere, where he was slain at age 48. After the Battle, all of the fallen Dwarves, including Frerin, were stripped of their armour and weaponry and were burnt upon pyres of wood. When Erebor had been reclaimed by his brother Thorin Oakenshield, Frerin had been dead for 142 years.

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Who wore it better?

PJ pics from the-hobbit, RA by Francesco Guidicini


Gratuitous Richard picture post…

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I can’t believe the crucible is done


I can’t believe the crucible is done






Frerin? Is that you?
I am preparing myself for a mass of hate from Gerard Butler fans for saying what I’m about to say. And, before I say it let me just mention I think he is a great actor and I loved his portrayal of Beowulf in the movie Beowulf and Grendel.
However, there has been whisperings and admirings (its a word!) around the place (yes Twitter I’m talking to you) of some screencaps of him from that movie. You see it seems he has a striking resemblance to our Thorin Oakenshield and, therefore, the suggestion has been made that this is what Thorin’s younger brother Frerin would look like. And that is well, like his older brother, HOT! Yes please, I will take both!

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

I can see it!

Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage starring in a move about early Erebor…so who wants to see this?

*hesitates in raising hand* I do?

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Richard Armitage: THE CRUCIBLE Final. x

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